2015 - DG_house C

DG_House C, Magliano in Toscana, is completed. Inauguration.


Ottobre 2015

L’Associazione Professionale mp2a maurizio pappalardo architetti associati si è costituita in data 25 agosto 2010 tra gli architetti Maurizio Pappalardo, Romina Fava e l’ing. Silvia Andreussi.

Dall’ ottobre 2015 l’ing. Silvia Andreussi non è più membro dell’associazione.


7 giugno 2014 - Biennale di architettura

mp2a all'evento Elle Decor alla Biennale di Architettura di Venezia il prossimo 7 giugno.


aprile 2014 - DG_house C

DG_House C, Magliano in Toscana, is under construction.


ottobre 2013 - showroom Gran sasso

Showroom Gran Sasso renovation project construction in Via Montenapoleone, Milano is completed. Inauguration.


november 7, 2013 - arboranthropos

mp2a hosts Mauro Sgarbi’s exhibition of surrealist painting. 15 works by the artist
will be exhibited in the spaces of the studio in Via Buonarroti, 30, 00185, Rome.
The event will be held on November 7, 2013 starting at 19:00.


october, 2013 - Gran sasso showroom

Gran Sasso Showroom, in Via Montenapoleone, Milan, is under construction.


may, 2013 - architects-party mp2a

ArchitectsParty 2013, cocktail party in architectural practices
Mediapartner: Elle Decor_Architonic
Concept & Organization: TOWANT
May 10, 2013
Architectural practices, creative places par excellence, become a special background for every evening. On the inside, a cocktail party can be the perfect excuse to an opportunity of discussion and dialogue: people can meet directly with the architects and talk to them.
A friendly and informal location to create and consolidate public relations between architectural firms, contract operators and design companies, partners of the initiative.


january, 2013 - DG_house D

DG_House D concrete structure construction starts.


november, 2012 - DG_house A-B

Wooden structure of the roof is assembled in DG_House A-B.


June, 2012 - interno1

Interno1 renovation project construction in Piazza di Spagna is completed. Inauguration.


may, 2012 - DG_house A-B

The construction of DG_House A concrete structure starts, along with the construction of DG_House B steel structure.


february, 2012 - DG_house

The demolition of the existing buildings named A, B, C and D starts.


january, 2012 - interno1

The construction of Interno1, renovation project in Piazza di Spagna, starts.


august, 2011 - berg_haus

The mountain house project in Carezza al Lago, Bolzano is approved.


march, 2011 - em_house

EM_House renovation project construction is completed. Inauguration.




may, 2010 - em_house

The construction of wooden roof structure starts in EM_House.


april, 2010 - em_house

EM_House construction starts with the demolition of wooden roof structure.