Gran Sasso


showroom Maglificio Gran Sasso

Via Montenapoleone, Milan - Italy


The showroom is used as a technical space, not open to the public, but a place where buyers from all over the world come to buy clothes. It comprises men and women showrooms plus some reception and service space, an office and a technical unit.
Its object is to enhance the products on sale therefore it was decided to soften the surroundings and by achieving a neutral space “to hang” the item of clothing using white metallic frames.
The fabric colours play the leading role.


Client: Maglificio Gran Sasso s.p.a.

Works: Rennovation
Project date: 2013
Construction: 2013
Gross floor area: 150 mq;

mp2a, Arch. Maurizio Pappalardo, Arch. Romina Fava, Ing. Silvia Andreussi
Site supervisor: Arch. Maurizio Pappalardo

Contract work:
Spalvieri Impianti.

Main Contractors:
Oikos (plaster)
Viabizzuno (Lighting)
Coren (flooring)
Faram (furniture)
Luxi (chairs)