2010 - 2011


Rome - Italy


The aim of this project is to restore a portion of a farmhouse in the Pontine Marshes, a few minutes away from E.U.R. south of Rome.
When first seen, the building was in a very bad state of disrepair due to years of total lack of upkeep. During the years various renovations had superimposed one upon another, therefore during the demolition work, were removed three different layers of flooring, with their footings and two roofs. In the past people preferred to build a new roof on top of the damaged one rather than substitute it.
The roof has been entirely rebuilt with a wood structure made of Italian chestnut from the area of Lariano, in the Castelli Romani region. We had to abandon the idea of reusing the existing structure as it was very badly damaged and not suitable to carry the weight of the new heavy loading due to the decision to build a ventilated area.
The aim of the project is to put the spaces back to their original dimensions and to take advantage of the elevation freed from the in-between roof, to obtain a loft, with the structure made of steel. This metallic frame will also brace and stiffen the structure.

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The original room divisions were eliminated and the empty space was redesigned again. The new divisions, made with plasterboard, were thought of as alterable, allowing for future changeable needs.
The rooms become spacious and airy and complement each other, lit by windows of various dimensions, which in the past opened randomly, according to their needs, without a precise plan. In the living area a large plasterboard vertical panel “hanging”on the wall was put up to cover a portion of the original bricklwork , which was highly deteriorated, and to give the interior a different appearance.
The result is an structure with a strong emotional impact, distinguished by a metaphysical outside opening, which serves to break the overall horizontal cut due to the change of materials, stone-plaster and to ideally connect the two levels..
The space is intentionally simple.
The chestnut wood floorboards, nailed to joists buried into the footing is present in all the rooms, giving a continuity of space put in evidence by the white walls, which follow each other without interruption except for some mirror panels which bring back into view the original brickwork and which become the main for their discountinuity.


Client: private

Project date: 2010
Construction: 2010-2011
Gross floor area: 150 mq;

mp2a, Arch. Maurizio Pappalardo, Arch. Romina Fava, Ing. Silvia Andreussi
Site supervisor: Arch. Maurizio Pappalardo

Structural Planning: Proges Engineering S.r.l; Eng. Andrea Imbrenda
Plant-engineering planning: Proimpianti Ltd, Eng. Carlo Granata;

Main Contractors:
Roof wooden structure: Dachdecker Ltd;
Mazzoni S.r.l. (Steel structure)
RC Edilizia (construction works)
Windows: Falegnameria Artistica Toscana